Step by step we can reach the goal!

Hi Guys, today we want to introduce to you a new member of Reminescence world: the Dryad.

Dryads are creatures of greek mythology that identify all nymphs of woods, they embody the strength and beauty of nature, and are half plant and half human.

But you will ask, ok, you explained to us what a dryad is, but what does this have to do with tutorials? Simply, this time we show you how a character bring to life in a step by step tutorial 😀

So, let’s start!

STEP 1: do a basic sketch of the character

STEP 2: put basic colors and light/shadows. In this case we have changed the pose and a little bit the details on character (the mysterious way of creative process XD)


STEP 3: add details and refine lights /shadows and colors

STEP 4: work on shape and colors, adjust and refine eyes, lips, nose and other elements on the face

STEP 5: work on hair, dress and branches, and refine all the details to reach the final illustration

STEP 6: add a final touch, the effects to create movement in the illustration, and… that’s done!

Hope you like this mini-tutorial and the new character, guys! 😀

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