The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
(Dorothy Parker)

Hi guys! how’re you? hope well, as us! Reminescence team is always at work, with gaming test, print test and much more. Remember that you can follow us on INSTAGRAM and FB for dayly news!

Btw, today we decided to feed your curiosity about the world of Reminescence and its character!

So… we introduce to you lady Ondine!


Maybe you recognize her, in the header of the page. She’s our lucky charm and will appear often, you will learn to know her.

She lives hidden in evil waters, waiting for her prey. She seems asleep and peaceful … but is not at all! With her beauty enchants the victim, and drags with her into the abyss.

For now we don’t say more, but we are sure that you will love lady Ondine as we love her!

and… as we know that your curiosity is great, we show you also the prototype of thecard back!


hope you like guys and stay tune for more news!