Reinescence is also soul and spirits, we want that our characters takes life, and tell their story! and that’s what we try to do every day, during the making of the reminescence characters.


We want to transmit the nature of the characters, for example, here you see the fairy, she is surrounded by nature, meditate surrounded by forest, and by creatures, plants and animals, that inhabit it.

She lives in harmony with all that is natural, that has not been contaminated by the humanity, is that from which she was born, and that is what she protects.

and we want that all this is transmitted to the player, that creates empathy with his creature.

work in progress of the pencil sketch

You would think that all of this is excessive, and maybe you are right, but we like to believe that these creatures exist, they have feelings, and that the player can see all of this through the illustration of every card.

This is the goal we have set ourselves, and we hope to achieve it… and of course to entertain you with the game! 😛

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Reminescence Team


Behind Reminescence there’re humans… yes this is our secret! This is our terrible skeleton in the closet! XD

so…who are we? it’s simple, we’re appasionate illustrators and gamers!

We are a couple of girls (maybe no longer so girls XD) that love fantasy world and really love to draw it!

We met the last year, our common interests made us closer immediately, and in a short time was born the idea of Reminescence.

Reminescence Team at work

From many months we have studied rules, gameplay, character, powers… and now we’re ready to realized it!

In the mean time was born also the NimoriArt Studio , a virtual studio where we offering different services, you can see your site for more info, or contact directly by e-mail at

As we said, we’re two girls, Cinzia and Jessica, a professional illustrators. Cinzia is responsible of creation of characters sketch in traditional art, while Jessica transforms them into colorful digitally crature. Together we take care of the editing cards, regulation and everything else.

but it’s time to introduce ourselves a little better 😉

CINZIA GENTILE  –  Architect&Illustrator

In her works realized with mixed techniques, acrylic, pastels and watercolor, Cinzia gives life to an imagery inspired by the fantasy world, ranging from Tolkien suggestions to those in cartoon and manga style.

She was educated at the Art School of Pescara (Italy) and then she wandered from the art field to complete a degree in Architecture .
She went on with her vocational training at the ACCADEMIA DEL FUMETTO OF PESCARA, attending the annual course in “Nudo e tecniche pittoriche” (Nude and painting technique), mainly dedicated to the illustration.

JESSICA PRANDO –  Illustrator&GraphicDesigner

Jessica is a digital artist, that works like an illustrator, character designer and comics colorist, in various style, from cartoon to realism. She especially likes to create fantasy characters, surrounded by magic and a tone of mystery.

She was graduated in Graphic Design in Milano, and continued her studies in art and drawing, first in traditional art, and then has specialized in digital art.
She continued her studies every day, learning from professional artists, and with continued practice to improve his skills.

So an all-female team and full of energy!

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Reminescence Team