Reinescence is also soul and spirits, we want that our characters takes life, and tell their story! and that’s what we try to do every day, during the making of the reminescence characters.


We want to transmit the nature of the characters, for example, here you see the fairy, she is surrounded by nature, meditate surrounded by forest, and by creatures, plants and animals, that inhabit it.

She lives in harmony with all that is natural, that has not been contaminated by the humanity, is that from which she was born, and that is what she protects.

and we want that all this is transmitted to the player, that creates empathy with his creature.

work in progress of the pencil sketch

You would think that all of this is excessive, and maybe you are right, but we like to believe that these creatures exist, they have feelings, and that the player can see all of this through the illustration of every card.

This is the goal we have set ourselves, and we hope to achieve it… and of course to entertain you with the game! 😛

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Reminescence Team


Passion is not blind, is visionary.

Hi guys, welcome back on Reminescence world!

Today we want to talk about the passion that is behind the creation of Reminescence.

For all character, game mechanics, details and every other aspect of the game, the authors (yes we are more than one 😛 ) do researches, study, test… we don’t like to leave it all to fate (except in the game, there the fate is present and spiteful XD), we are curious, meticulous and careful, but especially we put into our work a lot of PASSION.

We love illustration, fantasy worlds, board games, and everything that turns around these topics; we like to put our hands to new knowledge.

Each character is studied and deepened in all its aspects, from the historical to the legendary, its meanings, its appearance, its abilities.

Dragon sketch

It start with a deep research and then get to a first pencil sketch, like the dragon you see above. Then switch to digital version, on which we do studies in volume and color. And finally we come to the real characterization of the character, where magic becomes real! 😛

That’s all for now, we hope that you understand our passion for our work, and that a bit of passion is coming to you!

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